Are there any Benefits to E-Cigs?

Different E-Cigs on the TableAre there any benefits to e-cigs, and if so, where do some of the top electronic cig brands fit into this equation?

The news wires are a-hopping these days with passionate words going back and forth where one faction is condemning the use of electronic cigarettes, while other factions are praising them. Then, there are, of course, the major companies behind them, who are not allowed to make certain statements about e-cigs (I’ll get to that in a moment).

There are many, many individuals who are now passionate about vaping, and claim that they have entirely quit smoking regular cigarettes in favor of getting their nicotine hits (and “throat hits” that come along with it) via electronic cigarettes.

Now, as I just mentioned a moment ago, there are a few things that the government does not allow people to say about e-cigs, and that is whether or not they can help people quit smoking. In fact, while I’m not sure if this is required or not, but websites such as and others who talk about electronic cigarette brands and reviews have numerous disclaimers as well as government links in case someone is interested in quitting smoking.

But to get back to the first question, and ignoring – at least for today – some of the newer studies that are indicating some potential benefits of e-cigs to smokers who do want to stop smoking (again, I’m not saying that they do – just that some people are beginning to say that), are there any benefits to e-cigs over tobacco cigs?

I say that yes, there are numerous benefits. First of all, and I think that this must be the most obvious one out there that no one can deny, is that there is no smoke. Only vapor. And vapor doesn’t stink or get on your clothes the way smoke does. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So, people who dislike the smell of actual smoke are in the clear (little pun there).

Another benefit is that of cost. If you decide to use a brand of e-cig that has lots of variety of flavor cartridges and the potential to refill a cartridge with e-juice, you can literally save hundreds of dollars over tobacco. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw some disposables on sale for about $4.00. Now, depending on the disposable (I do believe that NJOY has a disposable that equals about a pack of cigarettes, and it was definitely less than a pack. And the same is true for V2, Green Smoke, South Beach, Bull Smoke, VaporFi and other top brands.). It’s easy enough to do the math.

Ok, HUGE benefit here: No ashes, no nasty cigarette butts on the ground. People in general seem to be getting more conscientious about littering these days anyway, but I personally have not seen a spent cartridge or battery on the ground. Of course, there are always exceptions to this – About a month ago, I was staying at a really nice hotel for the night, and as we watched the happenings out our window, we noticed 2 guys – probably in their 30s – get out of their car in the lot, and toss 2 plastic water bottles out into the hotel landscaping. I mean, that is just uncalled for. So, yeah, there are some idiots out there still… As far as e-cigarette brands go, Green Smoke encourages recycling through their rewards (loyalty) program where if you send them back 80 used cartridges, you get points, and they even pay for you to ship them back. Total win-win there.

Then, there are companies that appeal to a vaper’s sense of freedom and advocacy. For example, blu is front and center when it comes to vapers working to gain the right to vape in various public places (again, just an example). So, it would make sense that someone into “the cause” might be attracted to using blu.

Plain and simple: You are not inhaling anywhere NEAR the amount of potentially dangerous chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. While there is food grade propylene glycol in e-juices, for example, there is no tar or acetone, or benzene, or arsenic, or formaldehyde or… well, you get the idea.

So, these are just a few benefits about e-cigs that come off the top of my head. I’m sure that there are others! In the meantime, if you are a vaper, happy vaping!


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